While giving birth, we got antibiotics. How did this influence the health of my baby in the long run?
Christine – Mother, 31 years

Why does my baby keep crying – what else can I do!?
Mark – Father, 36 years

How can I make sure, I do everything I can for optimum development of my child’s cognitive abilities?
Sana – Mother, 22 years

A mother’s and a toddler’s nutrition explains a lot.

MicroMe, helps you understand the microbiome of mothers and children. Using latest scientific research, we give you concrete tips how to improve your diet.

Improving mother’s and children’s nutrition


What mothers eat, changes children’s life. We help mothers make the right choice for their babies future.


The Microbiome, beginning from birth onwards, has a crucial role in digestion, metabolism of food, development of the immune system as well as behaviour and cognitive function for your child, and has shown to be connected to conditions such as autism. A healthy microbiom also helps you as it reduces anxieties, lightens the mood, and energizes you after given birth.


MicroMe is here to help you give your bundle of joy the best chance in developing to their full potential.

  1. All you need to do is supply us with stool samples of the mother and/or childd and dowload our app.
  2. We will extract DNA data of all the bacteria found in the poo – not from your child. We find the good and the not so good bacteria…
  3. …we help you grow a healthy ecosystem. Therefore we provide you with concrete recommendation for your everyday grocery shopping at the touch of your fingers; right in the app. A link lets you add the groceries to your regular online shopping list.
  4. We will keep you updated about nutrituon and what you can do for the little one in the  weeks after. We seek to take care of you and your gut feelings – while you take care of your loved ones.


Golnoush Golshirazi

Dr. Lukasz Ciszewski

Alby Joy

Ryan Jones

Prof. Dr. Hannes Rothe

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